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As we continue in our efforts  to keep our staff and children safe with constant handwashing and disinfecting we will now use VIRUS BUSTER a disinfecting profesional company every week to make our procedures even more stronger and long lasting ...

This is the protocol and procedure the company follows in accordance with the CDC guidelines and the company claims it will last on surfaces for two weeks and reduces the chances of cross contamination ..

They also mentioned that this product will also reduce chances of our children falling sick in fall drastically..

Proactive Routine Disinfection Service :- PROTOCOL/PROCEDURES

Our Disinfection process requires no rinsing, the solution decomposes into water, oxygen and hydrogen. It contains no brominated ingredients making it safe for use on all surfaces and objects. It will also continue to be active for a period up to 4 weeks.

-Scope of Work
Our certified technicians are trained to remediate threats caused by this pandemic. The disinfecting team helps reduce cross contamination by following the guidelines of the CDC.

Program 1: PRD (Proactive Routine Disinfecting)
1) Our supervisor’s will assess the targeted space and create a strategic plan to implement a disinfection protocol.

2) Our thermal and cold fogging systems will apply the disinfecting chemical solution to the entire space including walls up to 20 ft.

3) Once virus kill time is reached, our field technicians will wipe down all medium-high touch areas including but not limited to doorknobs, stair rails, telephones, keyboards, doorknobs, elevator buttons, restroom surfaces, and light switches.

4) Supervisor will inspect entire space to ensure the quality of work conforms to CDC standards

5) All disposable materials used to disinfect will be packaged, handled, and disposed of as biohazard waste.

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